Efficacious and innovative solutions for optimal administration of your pension fund, foundation or insurance company

A redesigned interface

Our contract administration solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies provide efficacious and cutting-edge functionalities through intuitive, professionally designed and easy-to-use screens

Tomorrow’s Insurance IT Solutions

AxiomSuite – The ideal solution for the efficacious administration of your individual and group products.

Our software through seamless integration in your existing IT landscape guarantees the coherency and availability of information for all actors involved in business processes (sales force, administrators, insured persons, employers etc.).


AxiomGroupLife enables you to generate and print savings certificates with the latest information updated in real time. The content and the form are entirely customizable based on your specific needs. The regulations of each pension fund are automatically generated based on the chosen plan.


The entire life cycle of your individual life portfolio from the first contacts with a potential client to annuity and capital pay-outs is organized in the form of processes that can be fine-tuned to match changing market trends.


Gives insured persons secure and easy access to their portfolio in the form of a dedicated portal. An integrated view of individual and group life covers and on-going processes is available with a single touch.

Every component of AxiomSuite interfaces seamlessly with other market-standard solutions installed in your IT landscape and thus offers you an integrated view of information and centralized access to functionalities.

Our competencies guarantee your success

Our software solutions AxiomGroupLife, AxiomLife and AxiomFramework guarantee you:


A complete and integrated package

For principal sectors of the pension funds, savings and life insurance industries.

Exhaustive functional cover

Functionalities can be mixed and matched to cover specific needs.

Guaranteed flexibility at any time

Our solutions will be adapted to your specific needs and are built to evolve with your needs.

A process-oriented approach

To your insurance needs that helps structure and orient the work carried out by your users.

Axiomtec Software